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View Traces Page

Correlation IDs: Displays a list of correlation IDs that are available to view. A correlation ID is a unique descriptor assigned to each trace.

Display Selected IDs: Select one or more correlation ID(s) from the list and click this button to view details about the selected ID(s).

Trace log filter list: Select or clear items in the product list to specify the types of trace log entries that display in the trace list. Click Plus sign next to a trace type, or double-click the trace type, to expand the list of traces.

Apply: Apply the settings you have selected in the Trace log filter list and refresh the trace list.

Trace list: Displays the list of traces that have been logged in the current file. The following information is displayed for each trace:

Trace Message: Displays a description of the selected trace.

Trace Raw Data: Displays additional detail about the selected trace. By default, this displays the byte stream produced by the trace.

Display renderers: Apply a (product-specific) renderer to the raw data (byte stream) to interpret the trace data.

Note Click Select Renderer, below, to select a different renderer if there are multiple renderers provided by a particular product.

Show available correlation IDs & filters: Display the Correlation ID list and the Trace log filter list at the left-hand side of the page. (This option is enabled by default.) Clearing this option allows more screen space for viewing trace detail after selecting the correlation ID(s) you want to view.

View Other Traces: Access the View Traces (Select File) Page to select a new active trace or trace log file to view.

Refresh: Refresh the current log file, displaying any events that have occurred since you last accessed the trace file or active trace.

Find: Display the Find dialog box, in which you can search for a particular trace by entering custom search criteria.

Select Renderer: If a product provides multiple renderers, click this button to select a different renderer from those provided.

Save: Save trace data to file.

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