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Adding a User or Group to the Directory Service

If you are using MCS directory as the directory service for Management & Control Services (MCS), you can add users and/or groups to the MCS directory as needed.

For the other supported directory service types (LDAP, NIS, and NTDS), the user and group lists are maintained by that directory service. You cannot add users or groups from within MCS.

For all directory services, you can add virtual groups, which you can use to organize users within MCS and simplify assigning access rights.

Before you can add users or groups, you must configure your directory service. After you've configured your directory service, you can view user and group attributes in the Directory - Attributes page.

To add users and groups to the directory service
  1. In the MCS left pane, point to Services and then click Security.

  2. Under Security, click Plus sign next to Directory Services, or double-click Directory Services.

  3. Click Directory.

  4. In the Directory page, select one of the following toolbar buttons, depending on what you'd like to add. For directory services other than MCS directory, only the New Virtual Group button is available.
    To display

    New User
    The New User dialog box, in which you add a new user to the MCS directory.

    New Group
    The New Group dialog box, in which you can add a new group to the MCS directory.

    New Virtual Group
    The New Virtual Group dialog box, in which you can add a new virtual group, regardless of the directory service you use. Virtual groups exist only within MCS; they do not become part of your directory service.
  5. After completing the necessary information, choose OK.

    The new user or group is added to the Directory list.

Note To delete a user, group, or virtual group, in the Directory page, select an item from the Directory list, and click the Delete button. For directory services other than MCS directory, you can only delete virtual groups from within MCS.
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