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Directory Services Page

Use the options on the Directory Services page to specify and configure options for your directory service.

To display the Directory Services page, in the left pane of the MCS window under Services, choose Security and then click Directory Services or, under Server Management, select a cluster and then click Directory Service.

Directory service

Caching: You can cache directory service information to minimize display time.

Caching Enabled: Turn caching on and off. If set to true, as it is by default, this enables caching for all directory services. If you change this value to false, directory service information will not be cached, regardless of your other selections on this page.

Time Before Clearing Cache: Specify the length of time a cached directory is stored, in minutes. By default, the value is 10 minutes. The cache is not refreshed until the next time you view directory service information.

Clear Cache: Immediately clear the directory service cache.

Limit displayed users:

Maximum users to display: To avoid unnecessarily consuming memory, you can limit the number of users that are displayed in the directory tree under Directory and for each organization in your directory service. The default value is 1000. Organizations and groups are never limited.

When the maximum number of users is reached, you can click Next to display the next set of users. This list is not appended; the original list is dismissed before the next list is displayed. If you need to go back, you must begin again.

Save: Save the directory service configuration information.

Important If you change the directory service type or configure the server address, you will lose all assignments of configurations to users and groups and all user and group permissions, including rights to configure the server.

Make sure that you assign rights to configure the server to an administrator in the new directory service before you restart the server; otherwise, you will no longer have access to configure and manage MCS. (There is, however, a superuser, "System," with a password specified when MCS is installed. This user always has access, and can configure the server and assign permissions.)
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