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Add User/Group Dialog Box

The Add User/Group dialog box is displayed from several places within MCS. The result of selecting an item in the directory list and adding it under Assigned Users/Groups is different, depending on the location from which you displayed the Add User/Group dialog box.

Displayed from
You can
Rights Management page Specify users or groups to whom you want to assign rights to a selected feature or features.
Directory Services Members page Add users or groups to the selected group.
Directory Services Member Of page Make the selected user or group a member of another group.

Directory list: Displays a list of users and groups in the directory service, as well as any virtual groups you have created. Select one or more items in this list and then click Add. For information about creating virtual groups, see the Directory page.

Add: Add the users or groups selected in the directory list to the Assigned Users/Groups.

Check Names: Verify that the names you have added under Assigned Users/Groups exist in the directory service. This option is especially useful if you type directly in the Assigned Users/Groups text box.

Assigned Users/Groups: Displays the users and groups you are adding. You can type directly in this text box or use the Add button to add selected users and groups.

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