Creating Task Files

Task files are created using information from one or more COBOL copybook generated from a legacy host program to describe the mapping between the input and output XML for a task and the input and output requirements of an IMS program on the host.


There are four basic steps required when creating a task file:

  1. Create an IMS program alias to reference a COBOL program on the host, and identify COBOL copybooks as input, output, or both.

  2. Create a task definition to map tasks, inputs, and outputs from the host program, and specify which fields from the COBOL copybooks specified in the IMS program alias to include in the input and output for the task.

  3. Generate task interface objects to communicate with the Runtime Service, such as XML (task files), Java service or task beans, Web services, or .NET objects.

  4. Publish generated task files or Java beans to MCS, or export task files and task beans to make them available for use by Synapta Services Builder for IMS and other applications.

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