Generating Task Interface Objects

An application that is created to run your tasks makes use of task interface objects to communicate with the Runtime Service. The Task Builder can create several types of task interface objects, such as XML (task files), Java service or task beans, Web services, or .NET objects. When you generate task interface objects, the supporting artifacts that are needed (if any) to deploy your objects to the specified environment are also generated, such as a setup executable, DLLs, and ANT script files.

To generate a task interface object
  1. Once you have created a task definition, click the Generate button.

  2. Select a task file containing the inputs and outputs you want to implement in your generated task interface object.

    The task definition and optionally entered description are displayed for the selected task file.

  3. When you are satisfied with your selection, click the Next button to proceed.

  4. Select the types of task interface objects, task beans, service beans and Web services that you want to generate from your selected task file.

  5. When you have finished with your selections, click the Generate button to create the task interface objects and supporting files.

    You can optionally click the Back button to return to the previous display and select a different task file, or click the Cancel button to discard your selections and return to the Task Definition display.

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