Using Input XML Template Files

Task files are used to generate task interface objects. When you create a task definition, your task file Task_file_name.xml is saved, together with an input XML template file,, which is automatically created, in the following location:


Task input template files can be populated with data programmatically using a front-end application or utility, rather than having to use hard-coded input XML in the Task_file_name.xml file, or in the string buffer. The XML generated from the template files can then be used as input to Services Builder.

The structure of the file is created from the task definition. For a copybook with an OCCURS DEPENDING ON clause, an XML node is created for the maximum number of occurrences. Any extra nodes can be removed when data values are added. For example, the following copybook entries would result in four GARDNER nodes in the resulting Task_file_name.xml file.

     07  GARDNER-COUNT      PIC S9(04) COMP.


                             DEPENDING ON GARDNER-COUNT.
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