Starting and Stopping the Runtime Service

Which procedure you use to start the Runtime Service depends on the environment in which you are working. In Windows, you can run the service either as a Windows service or in application mode. In UNIX, you can run the service as a daemon in the background.

Note For a run-time server to be available to run the tasks associated with it, it must be both registered and enabled. To do this, in the left pane of the MCS management console, under Deployments, then Tasks, select Register Runtimes.
To start or stop the Runtime Service in a Windows environment
  • To start the Runtime Service:
    This way
    Do this
    As a service From the Control Panel, choose Services, select the Runtime Service, then choose Start or Stop.

    By default, the service starts immediately after installation, and it also starts automatically whenever you restart the Runtime Service computer.

    In application mode Run the following file:



    From the Start menu, choose Programs, and then choose Synapta Services Builder - Runtime Service for IMS.

  • To stop the Runtime Service, press CTRL+C.

    The status of the Runtime Service is changed on the Registered Runtimes page.

    Note Before you stop the Runtime Service, it is a good idea to disable it first to wait for any tasks that may be running to complete.
To start or stop the Runtime Service in a UNIX environment
  1. From the following directory, for both root and non-root users, use the run-time wrapper script to start, stop, and restart the daemon, as indicated below:

    install directory/EAI/IMSServer/

    Use this command
    To start Start the Runtime Service.

    The service will start in the background, write its process ID to the file IMSServer/, and then log its output to the file IMSServer/log/runtime.log.

    ./ stop Stop the Runtime Service. restart Restart the Runtime Service. status Obtain Runtime Service status.

  2. (Optional) Set the options for the Runtime Service by modifying the file, located in install_directory/Attachmate/EAI/IMSServer.

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