Configuring the Runtime Service

To configure the IMS run-time service, you must configure your host connection,

To configure a run-time server
  1. In the MCS left pane, point to Products and then click Services Builder for IMS.

  2. Under Services Builder for IMS, expand the Runtime Servers tree, expand a run-time server, then click Configure.

    Each run-time server that has been added to MCS is listed. (For information on adding run-time servers, see Adding Run-time Servers in MCS).

  3. On the page, click New to add a new connection configuration.

    The General page of the New Connection dialog box displays.

    Note Before you can create a new configuration, you may be prompted to use a default configuration file. See Server Configuration Files for more information.

  4. Type the IMS connection settings required.

  5. To supply any unique security-related data when running a task, on the Authentication page, set the appropriate RACF authentication parameters.

    If security is active at the host and the task is designed to require these values, then you must supply the Userid, Password, and RACF-Group information. If the task was not defined to require the RACF parameters, then the IMS run-time will use the values configured in the run-time configuration file to run the task.

  6. Open the Task Assignment page, to view, add, edit, or remove task IDS for a specific host connection.

    Task IDs are specified at design-time. Each configuration includes one or more host connections and each host connection must have one or more tasks assigned to it.

  7. Click Apply Configuration and re-start the run-time computer to save the configuration.

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