Managing Agents and Agent Clusters

MCS agents, which are installed automatically on any computer where Synapta Services Builder components are installed, provide the communication link between Services Builder components and MCS, and between the computer where the task will be deployed (client) and MCS.

An agent cluster is a logical grouping of one or more computers on which MCS agents are installed. These groups might be based on business functionality, location, or any other logical arrangement.

In order to complete configuration of your run-time environment and successfully run tasks, you must create an agent cluster of computers to which your tasks have been or will be deployed (client computers), and associate the tasks with the agent cluster in MCS. This is also a necessary step in providing task failover and load balancing.

If the client computer does not have an existing agent installed, you can manually install one using the client installer. For details, see Configuring the Client Environment.

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