Generate a Task Interface Object

A task interface object is a reusable code object that contains the host access functionality built into your task. The type of object you generate depends upon the development environment you'll be calling the task from.

Note If you want to generate session EJBs or J2EE resource adapters to deploy your task, skip this step, then, once you've published your task to MCS, use the How to Provide Tasks in a J2EE App Server as the next step.
To generate a task interface object
  1. From the Task Builder Tools menu, select Options.

  2. From the Generating page of the Options dialog box, select the object types that you want to generate, then click the Properties button to configure Task Builder to be able to generate those objects.

    For more information about the specific properties, click the help button in the UI.

  3. When you have finished setting options, click OK to close the Options dialog box.

  4. Click the Generate button in the Task Builder Guide.

  5. Select a task file containing the inputs and outputs you want to implement in your generated task.

    The task definition and description are displayed for the selected task file.

  6. Click Next, then select the object or objects that you want to generate, and click the Generate button at the bottom of the window.