Configuring a Host Connection

To run tasks, the run-time requires that an association be configured between a task ID and a configured host connection.

These configuration steps, which are handled in MCS, under Products, Services Builder for IMS, assume that you have already added a run-time server to the server list. Each run-time server you add represents an installation, or instance, of Runtime Service for IMS.

To configure a host connection
  1. Click   next to the run-time server you want to configure.

    The navigation tree expands and the Configure node appears below the selected run-time server.

  2. Click Configure.

    The Configuration window appears in the right pane containing a list of the IMS connections that are available for a selected run-time server.

  3. Click New to configure a new connection.

    The General page of the New IMS Connection dialog box displays.

  4. Complete the connection options. Click OK.

  5. Open the Authentication page to define the authentication settings needed to connect to the host. Click OK.

  6. Open the Task Assignment page to assign tasks to host connections. Each host connection must have one or more tasks assigned to it. Click OK.

  7. (Optional) Configure your logging and tracing options for each run-time/host configuration using the options available on the Logging/Tracing page.

  8. Click Apply Configuration to save your configuration as either remote or local.

    If the IMS Services Builder run-time server
    This occurs
    Is running The remote configuration file (.cfg) is saved to the install location of the run-time server in the following location:


    Is not running The modified configuration file (.cfg) is saved locally to:


    Is running and a locally-saved configuration file is also available You will be prompted to choose which configuration file you want to modify before you can edit a configuration. If no configuration file is available, you will be asked whether you want to use a default configuration.

    For additional information about default configuration files and Runtime Service for IMS, refer to Server Configuration Files.

Once these configuration steps are complete, the run-time server can connect to one or more hosts and each host connection can handle one or more tasks.

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