Using Apache Axis Web Services

Apache Axis is a free SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) implementation and provides a base on which to implement Java Web services.

Before you can generate a Web service from your task to use with Apache Axis, you need to install Apache Tomcat, Axis, and Ant, and do some configuration. Tomcat is an application server developed under the Jakarta Project at the Apache Software Foundation.

When you generate Web services for Apache Axis, a bean is generated, which is essentially identical to a service bean, but includes a Web Service Deployment Descriptor (WSDD) for deployment to the Apache Axis server. A WSDD is an XML document for configuring Apache Axis Web services. Task Builders also generate an Ant script, specific to the computer where Task Builder is installed, to automatically deploy an Axis Web service on the design-time computer.

For detailed information on installing and deploying Apache Axis, see the User's Guide on the Apache Axis Web site.

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