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New / Edit J2EE Session EJB Wizard: Choose Application Server Options for SunOne Connectors

The Application Server Options for SunOne Connectors page of the New / Edit J2EE Session EJB Wizard is application server specific. The configuration options change depending on the application server type you have chosen. Each J2EE application you deploy contains both a connector and EJB.

These options, along with the application server options for the session EJB, are needed for your application server, and are included in the packaging of your enterprise application.

Note These are SunOne application server specific options. Please check your SunOne application server documentation for suggestions and limitations to use when setting these options.

SunOne Options

Maximum Pool Size:  The maximum size of the connection to the Enterprise Information System (EIS) or host. The default is 512.

Steady Pool Size:  The initial and minimum number of connections to be maintained. The default value is 16.

Maximum Wait Time (in milliseconds) :  If a connection is not readily found, the caller will have to wait this long before a connection is created. A value of 0 specifies; wait until a connection becomes available. If the pool is completely utilized and the timer expires, an exception will be delivered to the application. The default value is 10000.

Idle Timeout (in seconds) :  A timer thread will periodically remove unused connections. This is the interval at which the thread runs. All idle connections will be removed, while maintaining the configured Steady Pool Size. The default value is 1000.

The task file and application server names are the names selected on the Task File and Application Server page of the J2EE Session EJB Wizard.

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