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IMS Connection Settings: General Page

Use this page to specify the general settings needed to connect to the host.

Connection Settings Name: Choose a unique identifier, consisting of three alphanumeric characters, for the host connection.

IMS Connection Settings

IMS Connect IP Address: Enter the location of the IMS host for this connection.

IMS Connect Port: Enter the port number of IMS Connect or ITOC on the host.

To start the run-time server on a non-default RMI port, you must change the configuration file. You can specify the RMI port number following this format:

IP address:RMI port number

Datastore ID: Enter the IMS XCF name, which should match the datastore ID specified during the IMS Connect / ITOC installation. The parameter is case-sensitive and should contain 1 to 8 characters.

IMS Host Code Page: Select a host code page for this connection.

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