Synapta Services Builder Walk-Through

Synapta Services Builder provides a choice of easy-to-use APIs to enable quickly created applications to leverage the data, business logic, security, and integrity of existing CICS 3270 applications without the need for modification of those existing applications. This approach facilitates session connection, HLLAPI like processing, and symbolic BMS map field name processing of CICS 3270 screen applications and session cleanup. Further, since this Synapta Services Builder approach shifts most of the processing to the mainframe through its host data engine, it delivers a new dimension in performance and scalability.

Synapta Services Approach

Synapta Services Builder provides a mainframe resident host data engine that works within IBM CICS Transaction Server (version 2.2 and above) and leverages the linkable CICS 3270 Bridge to interact with existing CICS 3270 applications without the need for modification of those applications. The Synapta Services Builder host data engine communicates with external requestors via a set of simple request/response packets enveloped within an HTTP packet design that communicate over TCP/IP with CICS Web Support, thus facilitating deployment to the internet. These simple request/response packets are easily created by the simple API provided by the requestors. The requestors are thin servers that package and send API requests to the host data engine for processing. They also receive API package responses from the host data engine and deliver the results to the caller. Since customers may have varied platforms and architecture in their enterprise, the requestors come in various platform orientations. Currently they support Microsoft COM+, Microsoft .NET, Java application, Enterprise Java Beans, and Resource Adapter. For customers desiring specification of CICS terminal identification in their session communication, Synapta Services Builder provides Attachmate Management & Control Services, which facilitates the creation and administration of the terminal identifiers that are used by the requestors.

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