Configuring ID Pools

When you implement ID management in Management & Control Services (MCS), you create pools of CICS terminal IDs.

To create a new pool
  1. In the MCS left pane under Services, choose ID Management.

  2. Under ID Management, choose Configure IDs.

  3. In the MCS right pane, in the pool tree, select either All IDs or an existing pool type, right-click to display the shortcut menu, and choose New Pool.


    From the toolbar, choose .

    The Pool Creation series of pages guides you through creating a new pool.

  4. In the New Pool page, under Type, select Named pool, and type a name for your pool. The other types of pools are not used with Services Builder for CICS 3270 Bridge. Pool names cannot contain spaces.

    Assigning IDs to named pools makes IDs available on a first-come, first-served basis to all clients that use a particular configuration. Any user at any computer can open as many sessions as desired until all of the IDs assigned to the pool are in use.

    You can limit certain IDs to certain users by creating a number of different named pools. For example, you could create a different named pool for each department at your company, for example: Accounting.

  5. Set the lease and inactivity timeout values to 0. These properties should not be used with Services Builder for CICS 3270 Bridge.

  6. Choose Next to add IDs to the pool now, or choose Finish to create the pool but not add IDs.
    Note You can add IDs to the pool later by selecting the pool and choosing New ID from the shortcut menu.

    To get help on any page in the series, choose the Help button in the displayed page.

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