Installing MCS in UNIX

Management & Control Services (MCS) can be installed under either Windows or UNIX. The following procedure explains how to install MCS in UNIX environments. You can install using either the default Attachmate HTTP engine or a WebLogic application server.

Note If you use WebLogic, your WebLogic domain must exist before you begin the installation. If you need to create a new domain, do so using one of the methods provided by BEA.
To install MCS
  1. If necessary, create your WebLogic domain.

  2. From the product CD, copy the file CICS_Bridge.tar.gz to your computer.

  3. To expand the archive into its own empty directory, type the following from the command line:

    gunzip -c CICS_Bridge.tar.gz | tar xvf -

  4. Change to the CICS_Bridge directory and run ./

  5. Follow the prompts.

    For information about the installation prompts, see Installation Prompts for MCS in UNIX.

    Note For Solaris, required patches are searched for by the installer. Warning messages are displayed for each path not found. For other environments, you should check with the manufacturer for required patches because, although patches may be required, they are not detected by the installation program.

    Before you add a server to an existing MCS cluster, make sure that you have selected to install all of the management components that are already installed on the other servers in that cluster. If you cannot install the same components as part of this installation process (for example, if the servers in the cluster have components from more than one Attachmate product), install this server as a standalone server, and then after you have installed all the necessary components, use the MCS console to add the server to an existing cluster.

  6. Review and accept the terms of the license agreement.

  7. When the installation is complete, review the summary information and then press ENTER.

    You can return to the main menu and select other components to install in turn.

Installation Notes

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