About the Help

Synapta Services Builder for CICS 3270 Bridge comes with two levels of online Help: the product guide, and the MCS Help system.

Services Builder for CICS Guide

This guide is designed to provide an overall description of this product along with instructions for installing and using it. This product includes a data engine, requestors, APIs, and the Management & Control Services. These components are usually installed on different computers and used by different people within your organization. Some procedures involve more than one component, or involve components that don't have a user interface (such as the data engine component). In any case, this guide provides specific help.

MCS Help

If you choose "Help" from the MCS user interface, you will be provided with a context-sensitive Help topic. These topics describe the immediate interface only. For more details, follow the links in the Related Topics list at the bottom of each topic. These Related Topics links will link to appropriate topics in the Services Builder for CICS Guide.

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