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Service Control Manager: Management Page

ID: A unique identification number that is assigned to a service start/stop event when it is created. A single event can include a start command, a stop command, or both, and can include one or more service(s).

Event: Displays the type of event; possible values are start and stop. A start event runs a service at a predetermined time, while a stop event stops the service at a predetermined time.

Service: Displays the short name of the service that has been scheduled to be started or stopped by the event. Click a service to display the full name of the service at the bottom of the page.

Server: Displays the name of the server on which the service is installed.

Date: Displays the date on which the scheduled event will occur.

Time: Displays the time at which the scheduled event will occur.

Frequency: Displays the frequency with which the event will occur. If the event is scheduled to occur only once, the value is: one time. If the event is scheduled to occur on a regular basis, the possible values are: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Note To view additional detail on the frequency of a recurring event, refer to the Details button, below.

# Times: Displays the number times that the event is scheduled to occur. A value of "ongoing" indicates an indefinite number of times.

New: Click this button to create a new scheduled event.

Delete: Select one or more events from the list and then click this button to delete the selected event(s). When you select an event, all entries associated with that event are selected; this may include both a start and stop time, and one or more service(s).

Note To select multiple events, hold down the Ctrl key as you click each event. To select a contiguous group of events, click the first event, hold down the Shift key, and then click the last event.

Modify: Select an event from the list and then click this button to modify the selected event. You can modify all aspects of an existing event, including changing it from one-time to recurring event, or vice versa.

Details: Select a recurring event from the list and then click this button to view additional details about when the event is schedule to occur. This button is not applicable to one-time events.

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