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Manage Events: Filters Page

Events list: Displays a list of all events that have been logged in the current log file. Events are organized by product, category within a product, and event code within a category. Categories and event codes are defined by the product generating the event.

Click Plus sign next to a product or event (or double-click the item) to display additional items.

Add: Select an event from the list and then click this button to add the event to the unlogged event list. Events that you move to the unlogged event list are not logged (they are filtered from the logging service).

Remove: Select an event from the unlogged event list and then click this button to remove the event from the unlogged event list back to the active event list.

Unlogged events list: Displays the events that have been filtered from the logging service.

Save: Click this button to save your changes.

Note Any changes you make are applied to the current log file and subsequent log files only.

Cancel: Click this button to cancel your changes.

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