Walk-Through: Configuring Your Run-time Environment

Management and configuration is handled for Synapta Services Builder for CICS applications within Attachmate Management & Control Services (MCS). MCS is a Web-based server console that you can use to centrally manage and configure compatible Attachmate components.

Synapta Services Builder includes a management component (called a manager) that installs into MCS, and a run-time component (called a Runtime Service) that handles communication between the host and your client application. You can install the run-time component on the same server as MCS, or on a different server. Each installation (or instance) of the run-time component can be identified and configured through the host-specific manager installed into MCS.

Synapta Services Builder for CICS requires minimal configuration of its run-time, which supports multiple TCP/IP and SNA connections to the host. Using the CICS management console, you create CICS system definitions to connect the runtime component to the host, and you assign tasks to run against that system. Finally, you configure the client to use a specific runtime, and the environment is ready for transactions. MCS also provides other management features such as task failover, event logging, tracing, and monitoring services.

To get started with Synapta Services Builder for CICS, run Task Builder for CICS and build your first task. To learn more about creating tasks, see the Creating Tasks topic. For a step-by-step description, see How to Create a Task.

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