Generating .NET Web Services

Before you can generate a Web service from your task to use with .NET, you will need install .NET Visual Studio, Microsoft IIS, and the CICSConnectorProxy Service on the server where you intend to deploy a .NET Web service or host a .NET remote object, and configure the path to these applications from Task Builder. For details, see Configuring a .NET Environment.

To generate .NET Web services
  1. In Task Builder, from Tools, select Options.

  2. Choose the Generating page, select Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, and then click Properties.

  3. Confirm that the options are set for the version of .NET Visual Studio you are using.

  4. Once you have created a Task Definition, click the Generate button.

  5. Select a task file containing the inputs and outputs you want to implement in your generated task, and then click Next.

  6. Select .NET under Web Services.

    You can optionally select other task interface types to generate. If you want to generate only a .NET Web service, clear the other types of interface objects selected.

    Interface object types are automatically selected for option types that are configured from the Options dialog box.

  7. When you have finished with your selections, click the Generate button.

    The Generation Results dialog box displays, indicating the results of the generation process, and listing the files generated as follows:

    If you are using
    Files are created in
    Visual Studio
    .NET 2002
    Continued lineTask_file_name\NETTarget
    Visual Studio
    .NET 2003
    Continued lineTask_file_name\NETTarget2003
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