Editing a Host Program Definition

You can edit an existing host program definition (HPD). Also, when your requirements for a new HPD are similar to an existing HPD, you may find it easy to duplicate and modify an existing HPD.

Note If you edit or delete a host program definition on which existing task definitions are based, for the task definitions to remain valid, you must make corresponding modifications to them.
To edit a host program definition
  1. In the Designer Studio window, from the Designer menu, click Task Builder for CICS.

  2. In the Task Builder Guide, click the Host Program Definition button.

    A list of existing host program definitions is displayed.

  3. Select a host program definition, and do one of the following:
    Choose this button
    Edit Open and make changes to the selected host program definition.
    Copy Make a copy of the selected host program definition, which you can then edit.
    Rename Save the selected host program definition using a new name that you specify.
    Delete Delete the selected host program definition from the table of host program definitions, and from the folder in which it is stored.

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