Server Configuration Files

The Runtime Service for CICS requires a configuration file, which you create and save using the CICS management console. Configuration files are saved to different locations and handled in a different way, depending on the circumstances.

When Runtime Service for CICS is installed, a default server configuration file, CICSConnectorConfig.xml, is created and saved to install_directory\Attachmate\EAI\CICSServer\Config.

If you do not use MCS to update the configuration file, the run-time engine uses this default file exclusively. When you use MCS to update the configuration file, depending on whether the run-time service is active when the file is modified, two scenarios are possible.

Scenario One: Runtime Service for CICS is active at MCS configuration time (recommended).

In this scenario, MCS saves a version of the server configuration file to two locations:

If this is not the first time you have edited and saved a configuration file (such as ServerA.cfg in the preceding example), the configuration file is handled as follows:

If you edit the configuration file when
This occurs
The Runtime Service for CICS is not active MCS opens only its version of the configuration file (Server_Name.cfg), and saves changes to it.
The Runtime Service for CICS is active MCS asks which version of the file you want to open, and then when changes are made, they are saved to both the MCS version (Server_Name.cfg) and the run-time version (CICSConnectorConfigMCS.xml).

Scenario Two: Runtime Service for CICS is not active at MCS configuration time.

If the run-time service is not active when you configure it, you are prompted to create a "default" configuration. If you answer "yes," any edits to the default configuration file are saved within MCS in the install_directory\webapps\mcs\resources\connector_CICS directory. (The name of the file is derived from the Runtime Server name given to your configuration in MCS, in the form Server_Name.cfg).

Because the run-time is not active, MCS cannot update any of the configuration files in the install_directory\Attachmate\EAI\CICSServer\Config directory.

To manually update the configuration file:

  1. Create the configuration in MCS.

  2. Copy the configuration file from the MCS directory, install_directory\webapps\mcs\resources\connector_CICS, to the Runtime Service for CICS directory, install_directory\Attachmate\EAI\CICSServer\Config.

  3. Change the name from runtime_server_name.cfg to CICSConnectorConfigMCS.xml.

  4. Modify the CICSConnectorConfig.xml file by changing the first line from MCS="false" to MCS="true".

    This step is necessary so that the run-time engine will use the MCS-created configuration file (CICSConnectorConfigMCS.xml) to define the run-time environment. If MCS="false" is specified, the previously loaded CICSConnectorConfig.xml file will be used to define the run-time environment.

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