Running Tasks on Run-time Servers

Before you can run your tasks or configure them for failover and load balancing, you need to ensure that each client computer to which a task has been, or will be deployed, is configured to use a specific runtime server, and included in either an existing agent cluster, or a dedicated agent cluster that you have created.

MCS agents, which are installed automatically on any computer where Synapta components are installed, provide the communication link between the computer where the task is deployed (client) and its associated runtime server. If the client computer does not have an existing agent installed, you can manually install one using the client installer (see Enabling Client Access to Run-time Servers for more information). MCS agent clusters are created in MCS under Server Management.

After each task and agent cluster combination has been specified, you must associate it with the appropriate registered runtime server.

Task deployments

Multiple servers can be associated with one task/agent cluster combination to build a list that can be used for both failover and load balancing.

If components are installed in a distributed environment, or if you want to provide task failover, you need to configure published tasks in MCS to access registered run-time servers on different systems. The configuration process is designed so that you can configure your tasks to access a series of run-time servers, and provide failover protection and optional load balancing for your task.

The steps required to associate tasks with run-time servers and to configure failover and load balancing are:

  1. Create an agent cluster of the computers on which your tasks will run.

  2. Register your run-time server or servers to create the necessary associations.

  3. Associate tasks with an agent cluster and with your registered run-time servers.

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