Overview: Logging and Tracing

Within MCS you can record and log system events and trace data generated by Synapta Services Builder for CICS.

Logging Events

Events are used to store and monitor a running log of events that occur within your system. The event service can generally run unattended, while allowing you to view events as needed.

You can log errors, warnings, and debug information for all system events. Along with runtime system events, you can also log client-side events, all of which can be viewed and stored within MCS.

See Configuring MCS Event Logging for instructions on setting up event logging in MCS.

Logging Trace Information

For logging larger amounts of data, you can use the Trace service in MCS. Traces are configured to log information on tasks running on the configured run-time server. You can view and save trace data within MCS.

See Configuring a New Trace in MCS for instructions on setting up tracing within MCS.

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