Saving Traces to File

Use the following procedure to save the data from a configured trace to file.

To save a trace
  1. View trace data for a trace log file or a currently active trace.

    For information about viewing traces, see Viewing Traces.

  2. While viewing trace data on the View Traces page, click Save.

  3. In the Save Traces dialog box under Filename, type a name for the trace file you want to create.

  4. Under Type of Save, select one of the following:

    After saving the file with this option, you can no longer view the trace log file in MCS.

    To save
    A rendered version of the entire trace Export.
    Note If the file is saved using this option, you can no longer view the trace log file using MCS.
    All of the traces that are currently displayed in the list Save.
    The entire (unrendered) trace, including all correlation IDs Save All.

  5. To close the Save trace dialog box, click OK.

    The trace file is saved, and appears in the Save Traces list on the View Traces (Select File) page.

For details on any of the options on this page, click Help in the upper-right corner of the page.

Note To rename or delete a previously saved trace file, in the MCS left pane under Tracing, click Manage Tracing.
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