Assigning Rights to use Administration Features

You can limit rights to access and configure particular administration features from within MCS to specific users and groups from your directory service or to virtual groups that you create.

You must have configured your directory service before you can assign rights in MCS.

The MCS System Administrators virtual group is created when you install MCS. If you upgrade from a version earlier than MCS version 2.2, this group automatically includes all users who had been given access to the MCS console in the previous version. All users in the MCS System Administrators virtual group have rights to all use services within the MCS console. For more information about virtual groups, see Adding a User or Group to the Directory Service.

In addition, two user accounts are included by default:

To give users and groups permission to access MCS
  1. In the MCS left pane under Services, click Security.

  2. Under Security, click Rights Management.

  3. In the Rights Management page under Right To, select a feature.

    Users and groups to whom the selected right has already been assigned are displayed under Assigned Users/Groups.

    Note You can choose Properties to display a more detailed description of each right. The Properties dialog box also displays dependencies between granting rights to the selected feature and rights to other product features.

    If you assign rights to a subordinate feature (one that depends on also having rights to another feature), rights to the other feature are automatically granted. However, if you remove rights to a subordinate feature, rights to the higher level feature are not automatically removed.

  4. To assign rights to use the feature to a new user or group, choose Add.

  5. In the Add Users/Groups dialog box, either select one or more users and groups and click Add, or type a user or group name directly under Assigned Users and Groups.

  6. If you click Check Names, MCS verifies that the names you add under Assigned Users and Groups are valid names from your directory service.

    For details on any of the options on these pages, click Help.

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