Removing a Server from a Cluster

Before you can delete the primary server in the cluster, you must change its priority (demote it). If there is only one server in the cluster, it cannot be deleted.

For a discussion of the primary server's role in a cluster, see Managing MCS Servers and Clusters.

Note If you change the priority of your primary server, it can take several seconds for the new primary to take over primary server responsibilities. You should not make any other changes before the new primary has taken over. You can monitor the change in the Viewer - General page (Services | Server Management | Viewer). Under Status, the primary server (priority 0) displays the information "OK - Primary." Other servers display only "OK" or "Unknown.".
To remove a server from an MCS cluster
  1. If the server you want to remove is your primary server, lower its priority.

  2. Make sure that the server you want to remove is running.
    Caution If the server you want to remove is not running, you can still successfully remove it from the cluster but you will have to reinstall MCS on that server later.
  3. In the MCS left pane, point to Services and then click Server Management.

  4. Under Server Management, click Cluster Management.

  5. In the MCS right pane, click the Remove Server tab.

  6. In the Cluster Name list, select the name of the cluster to which the server belongs.

    When you click the cluster name, the servers that belong to that cluster appear in the Server Name list.

  7. In the Server Name list, click the name of the server that you want to remove from the selected cluster.

    The selected server name appears in the Remove Server field.

  8. Click Remove to remove the server from the selected cluster.

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