CICS Resource Definition Tables

Program Language Data Location Execution Key Description
XTR5A000 Assembler Any CICS CICS Web Interface Analyzer
XTR5A001 Assembler Any CICS CICS Web Interface Converter
XTR5A002 Assembler Any CICS CICS Web Interface Server

The Attachmate CICS Web Interface Analyzer allows the TCP/IP feature of Services Builder for CICS to receive HTTP-based input over a defined TCP/IP port on the mainframe by analyzing the URI from the HTTP header and forwarding the request along, or it invokes a registered CWI Converter program, such as the converter included in this product, and ultimately forwards the input packet to a server program capable of providing the desired function. The specific CWI Converter and server invoked in response to traffic via a given URI are specified in the XTR5S000 macro.

The Attachmate CWI Analyzer is also capable of filtering out requests from clients and allowing only selected clients to exchange HTTP packets with their CICS counterparts. This IP filtering can allow specific IP addresses, IP addresses containing wildcard range designations, or any (all wildcard specifications) client IP address access to the host, depending upon the configuration of the Attachmate CWI Analyzer using the XTR5S000 macro.

Timeout values and cleanup transaction IDs to be invoked in the event of a Services Builder for CICS "Connect" with no further requests within the timeout period can also be configured.

Customization for the Attachmate CWI Analyzer load module can include specification of:

A set of IP addresses can be specified with or without wildcard specifications, and these specifications can be attached to specific HTTP message traffic based upon the target URI specification contained in the HTTP packet. Alternately, an IP "pool" can be set up and referenced by multiple URI Analyzer definitions with each definition specifying its own converter and server program to handle the HTTP traffic. See Customizing the CWI Analyzer Module for more information.

A CICS transaction identification must be created for the server program. The name selected must match the cleanup transaction identified in the CTRAN parameter of both the Analyzer and the Server. See the CTRAN parameter as defined for XTR5S001 TYPE=ANALYZER in Customizing the CWI Analyzer Module and for XTR5S003 in Customizing the CWI Server Module.

CICS transaction resource definition

Transaction Task Data Location Execution Key Description
AQCC Any USER CICS Task timeout-cleanup

The TCP/IP Service must be defined to allow connection from the local Services Builder for CICS via a TCP port (in this example 2317) as follows:

Group URM Port Number Transaction Status/Socketclose
XTR5CICS XTR5A000 2317 CWXN Open

Make sure the CICS transactions CWXN and CWBA have the appropriate resource level setting, as follows:


    RESSec         : No                 No | Yes
    CMdsec         : No                 No | Yes
    Extsec         : No                 No | Yes
    TRANSec        : 01                 1-64
    RSl            : 00                 0-24 | Public
Note CWXN, CWBA, and AQCC must have maximum tasks set to the highest number of anticipated concurrent tasks.
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