Using the TCP/IP Connectivity Feature

Media for Services Builder for CICS is available in both 34XX tape and CD format. The license for both is located on the CD and must be accepted before proceeding with this installation.

You can connect the Services Builder for CICS run-time engine with the target CICS system on the mainframe using either TCP/IP or SNA. All SNA configuration is handled through the Services Builder for CICS interface.

To connect via TCP/IP, you must first install the Attachmate TCP/IP Connectivity feature on the mainframe. This feature runs as a server inside the CICS Web Support framework and sends HTTP over TCP/IP into CICS, providing the functionality necessary for the run-time engine to communicate with CICS.

In addition to installing the Services Builder for CICS TCP/IP connectivity software, you must have the following installed on the host:

Note Services Builder for CICS supports only CICS applications that are capable of DPL invocation.


To begin installing choose either:

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