Synapta Services Builder, with its component-based architecture, is highly flexible and can provide a wide variety of host access solutions. Planning your installation involves understanding which components to install on which servers or clients, and how to handle issues such as load balancing. Each component is installed separately.

To ensure a smooth installation process and to optimize the performance of your Attachmate components, you can prepare by reviewing these topics:

To provide server scalability and failover protection for the management components, you can install MCS on multiple servers across your network, creating a server cluster. For more information, see Managing MCS Servers and Clusters.

Review the terms of your license agreement before installing any components. You might have to purchase additional licenses to install certain components on separate computers.

Note In Windows environments, the installation process checks for the presence of an existing installation. In UNIX environments, you must uninstall any existing version before installing a new version.

If you are upgrading from a previous release, you should upgrade all components on all servers and clients.

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