Publish the Task

Publishing your task to MCS makes it available for configuring your client to run the task. Also, if you want to generate session EJBs or J2EE resource adapters to deploy your task, you'll need to first publish to MCS. Finally, your MCS server provides a controlled repository from which you can make your task files available for use by other Synapta products.

To publish a task to MCS
  1. In the Task Builder Guide, click the Publish/Export button.

    The first Publish/Export screen displays a list of existing task files.

  2. Select the task you want to publish to MCS, then click Next.

  3. Complete or verify the fields identifying the MCS server you are publishing your task file to.

    Default settings designating your MCS server can be established on the Publishing page of the Options dialog box.

  4. Click Finish.

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