Define a Host Program

A host program definition references a COBOL program on the host and identifies copybooks to use for input and output in your task. The task definition (step 2) consists of your selections of the specific fields you want included in your task, and any field property modifications you set. They are divided this way to make it easy to create many task definitions from one host program. Before you start you'll want to make sure that the COBOL copybooks that describe your host program and the fields you want to use for inputs and outputs are available to the Task Builder, perhaps on an accessible network location.

To define a host program
  1. In Task Builder for CICS, click the New button at the bottom of the Host Program Definitions page.

    The Host Program Definitions page is displayed by default when you launch Task Builder.

  2. In the COBOL Program Name field, type the name of the program on the mainframe that you want to access.

    The Host Transaction ID field is optional.

  3. Click Next, then select the copybook or copybooks that describe this program's inputs and outputs.

  4. Click Next, then name and save the Host Program Definition.

    The Description is optional.