Manually Configure the Client to Use a Runtime Server

If the MCS service agent and MCS cannot communicate, or if you haven't associated your task with an agent cluster in MCS, your task will get its configuration from the CICSClientConfig.xml file.

To manually configure the client
  1. You can either create the CICSClientConfig.xml file from scratch, or run your task once (it will fail) to create the file with default values, which you can then modify.

    The CICSClientConfig.xml file is located in the cfg directory, either in the location you specified as a system property (attachmate.home) or in the Java-provided location, user.home. On a Windows system, this is Documents and Settings/user login.

  2. Open the CICSClientConfig.xml in a text editor, and make the following modifications:
    Do this
    Specify a run-time server to serve client applications from a remote server Type the address without double slashes or protocol specification. For example, to specify a run-time server named "myServer":
    <Property Name = "serverAddress" Value = "myServer"/>

    The default port number for the server is 6800. You can change the port number by adding ":xxxx", (where xxxx is the port number), after the server name.

    Specify a protocol Type the protocol (TCP/IP or SNA) you will use to connect the run-time with the mainframe. To specify SNA:
    <Property Name = "protocol" Value = "sna"/>

    To specify TCP/IP:

    <Property Name = "protocol" Value = "tcpip"/>

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