Configure the Client Environment

If you are building a server-based application, and can run it on the same server where you have the run-time server installed, you don't need to run the client installer, just edit the class path by adding the files listed below.

To configure the client environment
  1. Use the product CD or CD image to install the Client Support.

  2. Make sure the following are in the class path for the client environment:

    • In the directory install_directory/Attachmate/EAI/CICSClient:

      • CICSClient.jar
      • xerces.jar
      • common.jar
      • MetaData.jar
      • Util.jar
      • ra-client.jar
      • clientconfig.jar

    • In the directory install_directory/Attachmate/EAI/Common/mcs:

      • mcsagent.jar
      • mcs-rpc.jar

    • The install_directory/Attachmate/EAI/Common/config directory.

    • If you are running an earlier JDK version than 1.4.x, in the folder install_directory/Attachmate/EAI/CICSClient:

      • xml-apis.jar
      • xalan.jar