Add a Run-time Server to MCS

Which procedure you use to start the Runtime Service depends on the environment in which you are working. In Windows, you can run the service either as a Windows service or in application mode. In UNIX, you can run the service as a daemon in the background. After starting the Runtime Service on your server (referred to as a run-time server), you must add the run-time server to MCS.

To add a run-time server to MCS
  1. Start the Runtime Service that you want to add to MCS, if it has not already started.

  2. In the MCS left pane, point to Products and then click Services Builder for CICS.

  3. Under Services Builder for CICS, click Runtime Servers.

  4. In the MCS right pane, on the Runtime Servers page, click the New button at the bottom of the window.

  5. From the New Runtime Server page, type the information requested in the fields provided.

  6. Click OK.