Connecting to the Host Via SNA

The Synapta Services Builder for CICS run-time servers support two types of host connections: SNA and TCP/IP. (For more information about using TCP/IP to connect to the host, see Connecting to the Host via TCP/IP.)

SNA Gateway System Components

The following components provide the fundamental communications links between services running on a gateway and the resources available on your host.

When using SNA protocol as the host connection, before you can access resources, you must configure the SNA gateway, consisting of a partner LU, local LU, and mode. The parameters for each of these components are configured via the SNA Gateway Configuration dialog box in the MCS Management Console and are part of the CICS run-time configuration file.

This component
Does this
logical unit (LU) Provides the user's port into an SNA network. LUs include terminals, printers, and applications.
partner LU Serves as the remote participant in a session through which local and remote transaction programs can converse.
local LU As an independent logical unit, it is used to establish sessions through which the local and remote transaction programs (partner LUs) can converse.
mode Defines the number of sessions a particular local LU / partner LU pair will support. Each mode has a unique name for identification.
host link Identifies a specific connection between the host and the gateway. Host links must be defined between your SNA Gateway system and your host.

SNA Component Hierarchy

If you delete any of the SNA components, any SNA system that uses those components will no longer be valid. Deleting any component in the SNA hierarchy will also delete its associations. (For example, since partner LUs are child objects of a link, deleting a link will also delete the partner LUs.) If an SNA system becomes invalid, the VALID column in the SNA Gateway System list will indicate NO.

Note Synapta Services Builder for CICS supports the 802.02 Data Link Control (DLC) protocol.
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