Creating an SNA Gateway Configuration

The SNA Gateway components of Services Builder for CICS must be configured using the SNA Gateway Configuration property pages for a new SNA system to become operational.

These configuration steps, which are handled in MCS, under Products, Services Builder for CICS, assume that you have already added a run-time server to the server list.

To create an SNA Gateway configuration
  1. Click  next to the run-time server you want to configure.

    The navigation tree expands and the Configure node appears below the selected run-time server.

  2. Click Configure.

    The Configuration window appears in the right pane with the Systems page displayed.

  3. Click the SNA Gateway Configuration button at the bottom of the Systems page.

    The five-tabbed SNA Gateway Configuration dialog box displays. You must provide information for each component to create an SNA Gateway configuration.

  4. Click each tab: Ports, Links, Partner LUs, Local LUs, or Modes, depending on which components you want to configure.

    Depending on your selection, a list of all the configured ports, links, partner LUs, local LUs, or modes displays.

  5. Click New to add a new component.

    The New Port, Link, Partner LU, Local LU, or Mode dialog box displays.

  6. Enter the appropriate information. For details on each of the options required, click Help.

  7. Repeat for each component.

  8. Click OK to return to the main Configuration page and complete the configuration process.

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