ITask Sample Application

This sample illustrates how to create a Java application that sends input to and receives output from your Synapta Services Builder for CICS task, using a task bean generated by Task Builder for CICS. The sample application and the files used to create and deploy it are all installed on your computer when you install a Synapta Services Builder for CICS component.

Sample Files

This sample consists of several different files with different purposes. The purposes of each file are explained in the sections after the list below. The files below can be found in the following location:


Preparing the Task

Start by using Task Builder to convert the sample COBOL copybook (AMNU.cbl) into a task file. For this kind of application, the task interface object is generated.

Calling the Task in an Application

This sample application uses the definition of task AMNU defined in the task file, and passes input values to the runtime server, and returns values written to OutputFromHost.txt.

See the comments in the file for more information. You'll need to edit the user ID and password in the run.bat file to get the task to run.

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