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Task Beans Properties Dialog Box

These settings are used when generating task bean interface objects.

Package Name (optional): Type a package name to use. Package names provide meaningful organization to JAR files. Use them to group your beans by function or another attribute under the <install_location>\EAI\CICSTaskDesigner\MetaData\task_name directory.

A Java package name is comprised of descriptive parts with a period between each part. Generally, the first part of the package name indicates a logical grouping for similar packages. The remaining parts describe the package or the what is contained in the package. The package name also represents the directory structure of the package.

When you specify a package name in Task Builder, any class file created is given a fully qualified name by appending the task file name of the task file used to generate the bean to the package name specified. For example, assume you specify a package name of com.attachmate.tasks. If you name a task file 'StockSale', and then generate a bean from that task file, the class file created will be named 'com.attachmate.tasks.StockSale'.

Note You must specify a package name if you intend to use the task bean interface object with the Presentation Builder Designer.

Generate JavaDocs: Select to generate documentation describing the custom get and set methods included in the beans.

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