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SNA Gateway Configuration: New Link Dialog Box

Use the New Link dialog box to supply the information needed to configure a new host link for your SNA Gateway system. You must have a port configured before you can configure a host link.

All of the new link's configuration parameters are required and must contain a valid value.

Link ID:  Enter a unique logical name for the host link. The name can be up to eight characters in length.

Host Name:  Enter the logical name of the host to which the host link connects. The name can be up to eight characters in length. This is a descriptive field and does not have to match any host-defined parameter.

Use Port:  Select the port definition that is associated with the link. The list contains the IDs of all ports that were previously defined on the Ports page.

Host address:  Enter the twelve digit hexadecimal number representing the DLC address of the host, located in the mainframe, the front end processor (FEP), or the controller. This number is obtained from your host administrator.

Physical unit ID:  Enter the eight digit hexadecimal number that defines the host physical unit (PU). This number consists of the section ID, which identifies the product type, and the node ID. Use the IDBLK and IDNUM values from the VTAM definition on the host. This number identifies the gateway as a device (or physical unit) on your system. It is assigned by your host administrator.

Partner SAP:  Enter the service access point to the host address to which this link will connect. For a given DLC adapter, each host link to a common destination address must have a unique SAP. Use the value of SAPADDR from your VTAM definitions. A typical value is 4 for SNA. Synapta Services Builder for CICS supports the DLC (802.2) adapter.

Enable Link:  Select this option to enable the host link automatically after the SNA gateway engine has started.

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