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SNA Gateway Configuration: Partner LUs Page

Configuring the SNA Gateway components of Services Builder for CICS is an integral part of creating an SNA Gateway system. This panel displays a list of all available partner LUs currently configured for SNA Gateway systems.

A partner LU is the remote participant in a session and is associated with a local LU on the gateway to establish a local LU-partner LU session to support a host connection. Each partner LU has a unique name for identification. New partner LUs are added to the list through the New Partner LU dialog box.

New:  This button displays the New Partner LU dialog box, with which you supply the information needed to configure a new partner LU for your SNA Gateway system.

Edit or Delete:  Select a partner LU and choose either Edit or Delete.

If you choose this
Then you can
Edit Modify an existing partner LU configuration. The link cannot be edited and is a read-only field.
Delete Remove the selected partner LU configuration from your list of available partner LUs.

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