Synapta Services Builder for CICS Manager Help Graphic

New / Edit TCP/IP System Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to add a new TCP/IP system configuration or edit an existing one. A TCP/IP system provides a TCP/IP connection to the host. All fields are necessary and must contain a valid value.

System ID:  Unique alpha-numeric string up to 4 characters, which identifies this particular combination of IP address, port, and host code page. Duplicate IDs are not valid.

IP Address:  Type the IP address of the host system.

Port:  The IP port number being used by the client applications to communicate with the host.

Protocol:  A read-only field containing the system's protocol, which in this case will always be TCP/IP.

Host Code Page:  A drop-down list containing all the available host code pages for the new TCP/IP system. Select the number of the code page used on the host. Services Builder for CICS uses Unicode and only supports the default, 37.

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