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New / Edit SNA Gateway System Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to add a new SNA Gateway system or edit an existing one. An SNA Gateway system provides a SNA connection to the host. You can create an SNA Gateway configuration on the SNA Gateway Configuration dialog box, which is accessed by clicking SNA Gateway Configuration on the Runtime Servers list page.

All fields are necessary and must contain a valid value.

System ID:  Unique alpha-numeric string up to 4 characters in length. A system ID identifies a particular combination of local LU, Partner LU, and Mode. Duplicate IDs are not valid.

Mode ID:  Select from the list of available Mode objects. Mode objects, which are created in the SNA Gateway configuration process, define how many sessions a particular local LU-to-partner LU pair will support and is the port identifer name. This value is obtained by the host administrator.

Local LU:  A read-only field. Local logical units (LUs) are used to establish sessions through which the local and remote transaction programs (known as partner LUs), can converse. This value is defined when you create a Mode object via the SNA Gateway configuration.

Partner LU:  A read-only field. A partner logical unit (LU) is the remote participant in a session. This value is defined when you create a Mode object via the SNA Gateway configuration.

Threads:  Number of threads that can concurrently communicate with the CICS host using this system configuration. The number of threads you choose should be compatible with the maximum number of sessions set on the New Mode dialog box. The number of threads cannot exceed the number of maximum sessions. Each thread is used serially, one per task, to communicate between the host and the CICS runtime. If the host or network connection cannot handle the traffic at the current setting, reduce Threads.

Protocol:  A read-only field containing the system's protocol, which in this case will always be SNA.

Host Code Page:  A list containing all the available host code pages for the new SNA Gateway system. Select the number of the code page used on the host. Services Builder for CICS uses Unicode, and only supports the default, 37.

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