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Task Configuration List Page

The Task Configuration List page provides a list of tasks, along with their agent clusters, that have a task configuration already in place. The load balancing status, as well as the number of runtime servers in the failover list and the number of runtime servers that have failed for each task configuration is also available.

From this page you can create new task configurations, edit existing ones, delete configurations for specific tasks and agent cluster combinations, and apply all the changes made while setting up your client task/agent cluster associations with the runtime servers. Double-click a task to display the Edit Task Configuration page or alternatively, select the task and click Edit.

Task/Resource name: The name used by a task to get a configuration.

Agent cluster: The agent cluster that includes the client machine(s) to which the task has been deployed. Each client machine where tasks are deployed must be included in either an existing agent cluster or a dedicated agent cluster that you have created. Agent clusters are created in MCS under Server Management.

Load balancing: Indicates whether load balancing is enabled for the selected task configuration.

Runtimes: Number of runtime servers being used in the failover environment for a particular task.

Failed: Number of runtime servers that have failed in the selected task configuration.

Apply all changes: Click Apply All Changes to save all changes that have been made to the Task Configurations and to send those changes to all client machines in the agent cluster. When you click Apply All Changes any changes made to the registered runtime information will also take effect.

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