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Registered Runtime Servers List Page

The Registered Runtime Servers page provides a list of registered runtime servers, their URL, and their communication status.

Note If you are not using MCS to associate your task configurations with run-time servers, then your task will get its configuration from the CICSClientConfig.xml file. See Manually Configuring the Client Environment for more information on this file.

By choosing a runtime server, and then selecting Add, Edit, Delete, or Enable/Disable, you can register new runtime servers, edit existing runtime server information, delete a server from all its failover lists, or change the communication status of the runtime server.

Server name: User-defined. The name of the server where you have installed the Runtime Service software

URL: The URL describes the location of the runtime server.

Status: The current status, either Enabled, Disabled, or Failed of the registered runtime server. After you register the runtime server, the newly registered server is Enabled.

A status of Failed indicates that an Enabled run-time server could not be used by the tasks associated with it. A failed run-time is not used in the failover list until it has been re-enabled.

If you disable a registered run-time server, it becomes unavailable to all tasks that are associated with it. Although it is no longer used in the task failover list and will be skipped when a runtime server is requested, it has not been stopped and can still be added to another task failover list. It is beneficial to disable the run-time prior to stopping or re-starting the run-time server. This provides a warning to the client computers before a run-time simply becomes unavailable to them.

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