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New / Edit J2EE Session EJB Wizard: Choose SunOne Application Server Options

The Application Server Options for EJB page of the New / Edit J2EE Session EJB Wizard is application server and state management mode specific. The configuration options change depending on the type of application server you are using and the state set for your EJBs. Services Builder for CICS provides support for stateless EJBs.

These options, along with the application server options for the J2EE connector, are needed by your application server and are included in the packaging of your enterprise application.
Note These are SunOne application server specific options that are set in META-INF\sun-web.xml. Please check your SunOne application server documentation for suggestions and limitations to use when setting these options.

SunOne Application Server Options for Stateless EJBs

Each stateless EJB that you use only allocates a connector while the task is being executed. Thus, depending on how long an execution takes, you may actually require fewer connectors.

Steady pool size:  Steady pool size specifies the initial and minimum number of beans that must be maintained in the pool. Valid values are from 0 to MAX-INTEGER. The default value is 0.

Resize quantity:  Resize quantity specifies the number of beans to be created or deleted when the pool or cache is being serviced by the server. Valid values are from 0 to MAX_INTEGER and subject to the maximum size limit. The default value is 16.

Maximum pool size:  Specifies the maximum pool size. Valid values are from 0 to MAX_INTEGER. A value of 0 means the pool is unbounded. The default value is 512.

Pool idle timeout (seconds):  Specifies the maximum time, in seconds, that a bean can remain idle in the pool. When this timeout expires, the bean becomes a candidate for deactivation or deletion. This is a hint to the server. A value of 0 specifies that idle beans can remain in the pool indefinitely. Default value is 600.

The task file and application server names are the names selected on the Task File and Application Server page of the J2EE Session EJB Wizard.

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