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Configuration: Mappings Page

Configuration options, necessary to efficiently run tasks on your run-time servers, are set on three separate pages; Systems, Mappings, and Logging/Tracing.

Tasks are run by mapping Task IDs to a TCP/IP or SNA connection. The association of task IDs, (which are required by the run-time), to systems is referred to as Mappings.

The Mappings page lists all the task IDs that are currently mapped to a defined TCP/IP or SNA system.

Task ID:  The unique name for the task ID being mapped. This value is set on the New Mapping dialog box.

System ID:  The system that the task ID is being mapped to. This value is determined on the New Mapping dialog box.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the Mappings list to create a new mapping, or edit or delete an existing mapping.

Choose this
To do this
New To create a new mapping. The New Mappings dialog box displays.
Edit To modify an existing mapping. Select the mapping you want to modify from the list and click Edit. An Edit Mapping dialog box displays. You cannot edit the Task ID value.
Delete To remove a mapping from the list. Select the mapping you want to delete from the list and click Delete.

Save Configuration:  Click this to save your configuration. After saving your configuration, you must re-start your run-time computer.

Configurations are saved in one of two locations:

In this location
Then this
Remote The run-time server must be running for the configuration file to be updated. The remote configuration file (.cfg) is saved to the install location of the run-time server in the following location: install_directory/Attachmate/EAI/CICSServer/Config,
Local If the run-time engine is not running, then the modified configuration file (.cfg) is saved locally to: ..\HTTPEngine\webapps\mcs\resources\connector_cics\<specified_runtime_server>

Note When the runtime server is running and a locally-saved configuration is also available, you are prompted to choose which configuration file you want to modify before you can edit a configuration. If there is no configuration file available, you are asked if you want to use a default configuration. See Server Configuration Files for more information.
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